Despite the record high temperatures we are experiencing, Christmas trees are already arriving, Santa Clause is in the mall, and the holiday season is clearly upon us, and BLACK FRIDAY is exactly one week away.

We wanted to share our guide for the best deals to stock up on this Black Friday, but there’s a catch! Our list is specifically for staple items that are desperately needed by families here in Nolensville. Round Up for Nolensville is partnering with the Nolensville Food Pantry to rally the communities throughout Nolensville to make sure every family here experiences the full joy of Christmas and nobody feels left out.

We are currently working to get information on each family so we can then provide that information to community members whoe would like to “adopt” a family this Christmas. That information will include ages, sizes, needs and wants. Last year the Food Pantry helped make Christmas possible for 32 families, and this year we are expecting at least that many families again.

While we work to get the family information, we know there are staples that every family needs each year and we want to offer you the opportunity to help fulfill those needs while these staples are on extreme discount with Black Friday sales. If you’ll be out and about shopping the sales next week, please keep these staples in mind and if you run across them on a great deal, please consider picking up what you can.

long sleeve tees

We found some Black Friday ads for this year and WalMart seemed to offer the best deal on nearly all of these items. We also found that WalMart has character backpacks (always a need!) for $5.50! 

If you are able to get any of these staple items during your Black Friday hunt, you can drop them off at the Nolensville Food Pantry. Also . . . wrapping paper and clear tape are essentials that will be needed for this project. If you come across deals on those items, please pick up what you can.

Another way you can help this holiday season is to pick up gift cards. Gift cards are great for the teens or parents of these families. They are also great for us to use to purchase any items that may not have been received during our gift drive. It’s easy to add a gift card to your shopping cart during your weekly grocery trip. These days groceries are so expensive, most of us probably wouldn’t even notice a $10-$25 gift card added to the grocery bill. 

If you would like to learn more about adopting a family (or a member of a family) this Christmas, please fill out the form below. This is a great initiatve to take on as a group as well. If you have a workplace that likes to get involved in charity, consider asking them if they would like to adopt a family.

Interested in Possibly Adopting a Family?

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