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What if we all rounded up our purchases at the local businesses and collected that money to make a big difference in the lives of local Nolensville residents who need a helping hand? Most of us would never feel the impact of that small change added onto our purchase, and yet those who benefit will feel a significant impact from our small acts of generosity. THAT is what Round Up For Nolensville is all about!

Did You Know...?

Nolensville currently has. . .

People Living In Poverty

Children & Adults With A Disability

People Without Health Insurance

Nolensville spans across three counties; with Williamson County being one of the wealthiest counties in the state of Tennessee, and yet we have dire needs that exist right in our own communities that often get overlooked. Round Up For Nolensville offers all of us a way to work together to take care of our own. These are numbers that we can make a huge impact on if we all work together.


Bringing together members of the community and local businesses to work together to make a difference. Round Up offers a means for everyone to be able to contribute to the mission.

100% Local

Round Up for Nolensville is 100% local. That means all proceeds earned stay within the 37135 communities to help those who have a need.

Making Whole

By rounding up your purchases to the whole dollar each time you shop locally, your small contributions work to fill voids in the lives of your neighbors.

100% Volunteer

Round Up for Nolensville is a 100% volunteer organization. That means nearly every cent collected goes directly to helping people.

Check out the businesses already participating:

This section is a work in progress. It will not be long before this section is full of our local businesses who are participating with Round Up for Nolensville!

Meet The Team

Our Board is made up of seven diverse Nolensville residents who bring professionalism, passion, and purpose to our vision. This would not be possible without the selfless talent, skills, and experience they contribute.

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