6th Annual Reverse Advent Calendar Project

Sponsored by The Village Church

Thank you to The Village Church for their generous sponsorship of this project! 

What is Reverse Advent?

A traditional Advent Calendar has the owner of the calendar RECEIVING a small gift each day during the 24 days of Advent. A Reverse Advent Calendar has the owner GIVING a small gift each day during Advent. At the end of the Advent season, your box of goodies can then be donated to the intended recipient. In our case, that would be the Nolensville Food Pantry.

This is Round Up for Nolensville’s sixth year doing the Reverse Advent Calendar Project to benefit the Nolensville Food Pantry. In 2016 we partnered with the food pantry and asked them what their most needed items were. When we started to make a list we realized there were more than 24 items and they crossed two categories; food and household/hygiene. So, we decided we needed to make two calendars. One for food and one for household/hygiene items.

The tradition was quickly born and has grown ever since. In 2016 we collected about 150 boxes. In 2017 we increased that number more than tri-fold, collecting around 500 boxes. Since 2018 we’ve averaged around 600 boxes each year.

It’s super easy to participate.
1. Get a box and calendar (you can choose either calendar
2. Fill your box
3. Return your box at on December 24th between 9am and noon 
4  Share your pictures and experience on social media #ReverseAdventCalendar #LiveHereGiveHere @roundupfornolensville @thevillagenashville

Reverse Advent Calendar 2021